Saturday, 27 February 2010

My experience Sidekick Lx/Blade 2009

Wow wow wow, I have to really restrain myself for this one. My sidekick is currently sitting nicely inside a cardboard box - why?? Because it absolutely mother-funkingly-sucks!! It really does. I live in the UK and of course the US seller promised that the THING was unlocked - however I could only make/receive calls and send/receive texts - and everybody knows payign £390 fo a phone that operates like it was released in the 1980s is not fun!

The phone relies on internet access, and since I had none I could enjoy it - what a shame. So in the first 3 weeks of tolerating - ahem! - using the phone I found it to be quite fun - though the keypad was very dull and not that responsive, but I continued to hang in there - ahem! - I mean experiement.

One thing that made me feel like purchasing one - contrary to popular beliefs was not the fact that it's in all our favourite American sitcomes and soaps, but instead because of the blinging abilities AND the gameboy appearance which no other phone make is currently sporting.

However - that just wasn't enough, the thought of spending close to £400 for a brick was just tearing into the back of my mind, so I asked for the help of my good ol' pal eBay.

The phone is now sat in the naughty corner in a cardboard box - waiting to be mailed to the 'lucky' buyer from Slovenia who is probably going to have to sell it off to someone else also - unless they love throwing their money down the drain.


So yeah - I do understand that my review is completely biased, as I am using the phone in the way it wasn't intended to - but I am sure there might be some Brit out there thinking he/she could get away with buying one - I tell you now - you HAVE BEEN WARNED.


  1. Thanks for stopping by at my blog. Guess I'd be playing around on yours. ;)


  3. Haha :)

    @Seye, tehe, my main blog is "Askmeagaintomorrow" I recently put these on display also, but they are really random :).

    @Sosexy, Aren't they just!! :)